For the Future

Established 1990

W.M. (Parent)

I write to thank you for the excellent tuition you gave my son in preparation for his Higher English Exam. Thanks to your informed guidance he achieved an A Pass. As well as Academic Tuition, you gave him confidence in himself.

Parent (2018)

Thank you for all the help my son received from the tutors you supplied. They have given him so much more confidence in his work and helped him greatly in preparing him for his exams. They have been invaluable and I will not hesitate to recommend North Tutors to other parents in this area.

Alastair MacPherson( Former fisherman)

I am a physiotherapist with my own business but I would never have reached my goal without the continued support of North Tutors over the years. After leaving school with no qualifications and spending sixteen years at sea, I was low on confidence but then I discovered North Tutors! Thank you so much.

Simon Reid B.A. (Headmaster of Gordonstoun School)

I believe this is an excellent venture and, particularly considering the wide age range for which you cater, offers students a much needed service. North Tutors has my full support and we as a school benefit from the expert tutors you provide.

Dr Neil Macrae M.A. (Professor in Psychology at Aberdeen University)

When I was in my fifth year at Milne’s High, I was tutored in English by North Tutors. Private tuition gave me confidence in my own ability and, in my own case, meant the difference between success and failure. I am confident many will benefit greatly— as I did.

Owen Rogers B.A. (South Africa)

Individual tuition is an area where the measure of benefit can only be calculated by the recipient. The benefit to me was great. These hours of private tuition gained me the necessary grades for University and opened doors for me.